Noble Brothers

About Noble Brothers

Noble Brothers was founded in January 2016. The business was founded in Durban and later expanded to London. Noble Brothers is a Fintech company with the following notable capabilities:
• Retirement planning simulation solutions (“Monty”)
• Investor portals
• Investment Adviser portals
• Direct index investing algorithm (“Autopilot”)
• Integrations to investment administrators


.NET development (C#, ASP.Net, Blazor)

Angular 7 and above

MS Excel model building and prototyping

Python prototyping

SQL Server

Latest Developments in FinTech

Fintech began to take off in the 1990s when the Internet and e-commerce business models were born. By 2000, banking in most parts was digitised. Mindsets have shifted and the technology of cloud computing made it possible to invent new customised solutions and standard procedures for financial services companies.

The primary means by which people access the web and make use of different financial services is the smartphone. Smartphones have mobile banking apps and digital wallets such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay. According to Statista, the mobile payment market might exceed $1 trillion in 2019.

Apart from making banking more accessible and rapid, many more industries have been influenced by Fintech. One example is the launch of Crowdfunding Platforms. It allows small businesses, entrepreneurs, charities and artists to receive support without raising money from conventional investors.

People in developing nations now have access to microfinance and digital lending platforms. Regions in Africa, Asia and India, areas with large numbers of people who were disadvantaged by traditional banks, are now able to use payment services.

Fintech also lead to a disruption of the insurance industry (InsureTech) including everything from online policy handling, data protection and providing tailored insurances. Robo-advising has disrupted the asset management industry by providing algorithm-driven recommendations and a customized portfolio management which does not necessarily demand human supervision.

Fintech is only limited by imagination. Ask us how we can assist you in tackling this new exciting landscape in financial services.