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Noble Brothers

Fintech Solutions

Fintech Solutions

Fintech is where financial services and technology meet. Fintech can refer to startups, technology companies or even legacy providers. The lines are blurred and it’s difficult to know where technology ends and financial services begin. Noble Brothers is the startup technology company in the ecosystem. We develop our own proprietary Fintech solutions to assist corporates to navigate the uncertain Fintech landscape.


Provide the financial services industry with cutting-edge software solutions that solve real world financial problems. Fintech is only limited by imagination. Ask us how we can assist you in tackling this new exciting landscape in financial services.



Plan using reasonable expectations around uncertainty and volatility.  Read more (opens new Monty website)

Direct Indexing

Automatically manage a portfolio of securities based on predetermined rules and/or model portfolios


Investor and IFA portals for financial services companies with online investor sign up and transaction capabilities


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